Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost 27K hands this month

So, I told myself this month I'm gonna try and put in some heavy heavy volume and quality play as well. I think I've managed to do so pretty well. I hadn't looked at my results until yesterday, but only because it was accidental and was looking through my reports and I guess it shows how much i'm down or up at the bottom. Well I looked and I guess I was running well my first couple days up like 10 Buy Ins but the last day I played I guess I lost close to 8 buy ins. That day I had put in heavy volume and lost pretty much like 6 buy ins with KK and AA. 3 hands were KK vs AA, and the other KK hand was a rough beat against 77 post flop on a 653r board and villain minraised by cb and I shoved, he called and hit a 4 on the river for the straight. My AA hand ran into a set Blind vs. Blind. And I forget the other. I guess that's poker.

I guess that's OK number of hands put in, but I really wanted to get about 10-11K hands a day in and the first week of April has come to an end. I really like the mix between 6max and full ring. Sometimes I fill like when I'm playing Full Ring, every is just so damn nitty and just waiting around for the nuts and it ends up that I start playing nitty as well I hate it. Well I still have 3 weeks left. My goal was to achieve around 40K vpp on stars for april and i'm about at 5600vpp thus far. So I got a long long way to go but I still want to put in quality hands in. I pretty excited about my first milestone bonus coming up for $1000 bucks, cash that out and put in the bank!!! Yeah

Keep up the grind and good luck on the journey!!!!


Sunday, April 4, 2010

Music Music Music

So, I haven't yet to post anything about music. Maybe because I've been to consumed with poker. I thought it be nice to write a little about what I've been doing and listening to lately.

I went to hot topic last week looking for some new music. I found The Dillinger Escape Plan - Option Paralysis and bought the album. I've been a long time fan of there's and have seen them in concert a few times and own all their albums and really really excited to find they put out a new album. All I have to say is it is effing amazing!! As good as "Miss Machine" they put out a few years ago. Another album I thought was pretty incredible that came out this year was Between The Buried and Me - The Great Misdirect. Really sick stuff you all should check out if you are into heavy music.

I've also been working on a solo project. I've written about 5 songs kinda complete, but not. Have to write a few more lyrics and finish up with some parts, but all in all, I'm really happy with the results as of now. Now only if I could sing well, that would make everything so much better...haha. It's going to be a music project about me and my life up until now and possibly future. I have no real plans on when the project is going to be finished, but I plan on writing 12 songs on my acoustic guitar. Maybe put in some keys and drum loops. I was thinking I can have my band mate Greg sing the songs since he has a good voice.

As of my band, I hope we will get back together soon once I move back to cali!!!

Best of Luck on the Journey!!


Thursday, April 1, 2010

April a new month, A new start!!!!

So I've doing a lot of things the past few months, trying new things, seeing what works for me. Between poker, my kids, wife, and working part time, it has been really tough the past few months to balance. But now is April, and I'm going to try really hard to balance between them all. I've also decided to start working out and lose roughly 20 pounds in the next months.

So what am I going to do to balance this out. Well, i'm going to try and get most of my playing time in the days I have to go to work. On my days off, i'm going to have one day where there is no poker whatsoever and another day where I at least get a good half day off as well just to spend time with my babies and wife. Do things, take drives, maybe just have a nice day. As far as working out, i'm going to try and wake up around 7am and do a light to medium workout for 15-30 minutes a day. I chose 7am because everyone is usually still sleeping and my babies don't wake up till around 8-9am. That way I don't take away from the rest of my day.

Hopefully this will work out. My confidence has been down the past few months after putting in probaby 400K hands in the past few months and pretty much losing to break even. I think I had one small winning month. I'm tired of making money only through the supernova bonuses on stars and ready to play quality and quantity poker. I've been working on putting in 2-3 sessions instead of one long session keeping my sessions to about 2-3 hours. I've also been transitioning back to 6max which I really enjoy. I fire up around 7-12 6max tables and around 4-5 Full Ring tables and have found it to be quite comfortable. I'm also going going to dedicate a few sessions a week to 180 man turbo SnG's since I've had some pretty decent results. So that is something I will throw into the mix and maybe a few HU sessions.

One thing I'm really working on which I've been trying the past few days now is not looking at my cashier box and holdem manager stats. I not looking at how many hands I put in, not knowing how much money I've won or loss for the day and really focused on playing my best poker at all times. If I go busto, I wasn't meant to play poker. I guess the only thing I'm really looking at is how many fpp's I have by the end of the day since I rely on the points to live and pay bills. I'm gonna try and not look till maybe 2 weeks or really at the end of the month to check my results and review my play. I've in the past few days have felt more alive and focused on playing my A game at all times. I'm not thinking about how much I lost or how much I've won when I had a good run. Really, it's just now what I want to be thinking about. Just thinking about the game, making the best decisions, and playing solid poker is all I need!!!

Best of luck on the journey!!