Wednesday, March 30, 2011

March coming to an end, check out my past band!!

Ok, so in my last post I talked about my new routine and sessions. I wish I could follow my own advice always. There was quite a few times where I put in longer sessions then usual and I think it really effected both my play and my mind. It all started a few Fridays ago when I was shooting for my 4k bonus and trying to reach 250k fpp's which I just killed myself that day putting in over 12k hands to reach it. Not that I couldn't wait, but I really needed it and have been waiting to cash out for a 2 months with my points. So I put in like a 7k hand session, and a 5k hand session straight through. Needless to say, I obviously spewed over 10+ buy-in's, and that's kinda where my month fell apart. Before that, poker was going really well for the month and felt like I was going to have a 2k+ month in winnings alone, but after all those really long sessions and bringing in my mental lose game to my shorter sessions, it kinda added up to basically a slight winning month for me. I still have today and tomorrow to grind, but thinking that I probably should just end the month in the small green that I have so I can start April refreshed and ready to go. Over the past few days, I've been taking my work load light since I put in 200k hands this month. Decided to even to play some live poker which I haven't done since I've been to Florida. It went ok, played some NL and Limit. NL went terrible when I was up like $188 dollars and got my AA cracked vs JJ all in pre flop, so I ended up going to play some limit and made about $237 bucks leaving the casino.

I've also been considering mixing in some sessions on stars playing limit online. I've had some decent success more live than online and that's how I started this whole poker thing. To be honest, I think, well I'm a much better Limit player than No Limit. Probably thinking about finding someone to get some solid coaching from that can help me mass table limit. I even did a session a few days ago for about 800 hands and made 40bb's in the process 24 tabling.

Haven't really found any new music lately. All I know is Dredg is coming out with a new album in May and I'm really looking forward to the release since they are one of my favorite bands. Radiohead released there album this week in stores and I'll probably be heading to best buy to pick it up for $7.99 on sale.....yay!!!

I use to be in this band, Nevea Tears if anyone wants to check it out.

Free album download that I found a link to that someone uploaded. If you dig, you can buy it anywhere online like or

Let me know what you guys think!!!!!

Peace out for now everyone!!!


Thursday, March 10, 2011

New Schedule, New Routine, New Post

So I've been trying out a daily schedule for me that started a few weeks ago. Basically I wake up pretty early anywhere between 4:30am-6am. Put in a session before my babies wake up (now 18months) and usually get around 2k hands in. Then I take care and play with the babies for a few hours and turn the tv on with Barney for the girls. They usually watch it for a hour or two which lets me get another session of around 1500-2k hands in. Which is awesome because now I have almost half the volume i normally put in. Then I get them ready to take a nap shortly after and able to put in another session 2-3k hands in and my wife gets home from work, so I can play poker till about 7pm with another break in between. So I log in around 7-10k hands in a day, take care of my babies, and still have some time to hand with my family and get some wife time in. I guess the only downside is I don't get to work on my game as much since I head to bed a lot earlier, usually around 9-10pm. But part of my new routine is trying to find time to still study and work on my game, so I'm going to make and effort every week to spend around 4-6 hrs to do so.

This schedule seems to being working pretty well, Im not putting in large volume in one session like 5K+ hands, I'm taking plenty more breaks while putting in shorter session, and I'm more alert at the tables instead of going into autopilot after 2k hands. At the same time I'm getting more volume than I did in the past where I would start working when I put my girls for there first nap. I'm not staying up till 3am and feel like my time is more productive. I found it really hard to put in any sessions past 10pm because I just want to relax and wind down from the long day.

Also, I think I want to start writing more about other things besides poker. If you guys know Doublefly, he has some pretty awesome blog post where he talks about food, family, etc. So I think I'm going to write a little about my family and music that I've been listening to, and maybe write about my past when I was a musician touring the country and putting out records.

With that, poker is going well. Lots of ups and downs this month, but manage to be in the green this month, hopefully I can keep it up. Played the sunday 12 million, and got knocked out about halfway through the field. Basically never doubled up and didn't pick up anything, not even a pocket pair and AJ+ which sucked, Had to make some light 3bets vs steals to gain some chips and finally got knocked out when I shoved ATo vs HJ open that was pretty active and he turned over AK. Didn't suck out.

Been listening to lot of cool music lately. One being Radiohead which put out a new album recently "the king of limbs"

Also listening to the new Mogwai - Hardcore will Never Die but You Will which has been absolutely amazing.

Both bands which are two of my favorites and been listening to them for over 12 years now. I would recommend checking out all their past stuff if you don't know them.

My two little babies are now 18 months old. They are just so responsive and full of life. Walking up and down the stairs, clapping their hands, running, doing little jumps, and eatting lots of food. They are just beautiful. Me and my wife been taking some nice drives around florida with the monkeys and going to the mall, going out to dinner, and watching old movies in bed.

Hope March is going well for everyone and I need to run good good and more good!!!!


Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunday Million 5th Anniversary!!!!

So I've been thinking about this tournament a lot weather or not I should play it or not, and to be honest with you, I'M GOING TOOOOOO!!! So much value and dead money out there that I just couldn't resist. I bit the big one and paid $215 for the tournament ticket. Never in my life have I paid so much for a tournament live or online. I just couldn't help myself. Seriously though, 5 million bucks with a 1st place guaranteed at least 1 million plus a brand new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4. It's some pretty life changing money and if I can run deep in this, it will be a nice boost to my poker bankroll as well. I wish all my other fellow poker players out there that are in this as well, donkdonkdonkdonk, mayox, dabomb, and rosh and all the other low stakes grinda's out there!!!! We're all gonna make some magic happen!!!!! Do you feel my excitement!!!

Bababababa Boooooooooom!!!!

Good Luck and even more luck for me