Friday, March 19, 2010

The Daily Grind!!!

So, in the past 2 weeks, I've slowed down on my volume of play after taking quite a few shots at 100NL. I had a rough few sessions and lost quite a bit.

So I've moved back down to 50NL and really really just working on my game. I've put in a lot less volume, playing fewer hours, and keeping my sessions shorter than usually but putting in maybe a couple a day instead on 1 or 2 long 4 hour sessions. I would like to say, that is has been really refreshing and building my confidence back up and have won more in one week then I have in a few months over 50K hands this month. So i'm feeling a lot better these days and hopefully be able to put some larger volume in soon.

I've also had some recent coaching and had a session the other day that I found pretty useful. I also am getting some free coaching on 180man sit n gos and going to put in some volume at the lower buyins for now. I'll probably be starting this up this weekend and maybe put in about 40-50 180man tourneys and see how I do. I'm really excited working with him since we have talked for a while now and he has published 3-4 books,has his own radioshow, and doing all sorts of cool stuff related to poker. So that I am blessed and hopefully this will be a new opportunity to something amazing!!!!

Best of luck on the journey!!!!!


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