Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Rebuilding Confidence

The past week and last week have not been going so well. I've been trying to overcome the hill over and over, and I'm yet to climb over it. All my days lately have been losing 2-3 buy-ins at a time, or breaking even. Add that up and i'm slowly bleeding my bankroll away. The positive thing is, I am getting the much needed volume still which is good. Another positive outcome from this is I haven't completely went on any massive downswing like I have in the past where I lose 5-12 bi's each session over a 2 week period and all of a sudden going on a 15 to 25 bi downswing. Thank goodness for that. I've really just focused on playing through this and have had much better results.

When I go through downswings like this, it really takes a toll on me. I get a little more negative, hate life, frustration starts to set in, and I am just all around at the computer in a bad mood. The thing that makes me even more upset is when I look at my ev difference and adjust in my holdem manager and I should be up this much when I'm down this much. It's never the other way around for me where I can run over ev one time. That's another story, and I'm not here to complain, I'm here to keep positive. I use to rebuild confidence by playing a lot of small sessions just to book a win. I still do from time to time. It use to really help me but cuts into my volume I would save at least a 1/3 in the month. But since this small downswing, I've kept grinding through it trying to keep playing long sessions and put in the volume I need to pursuit what I hope to prepare for...SNE.

Rebuilding confidence is something that just kinda makes you feel better when you start to run good and win again. That is just a short term state of mind. I've been thinking about it and have to say I shouldn't let booking a win influence my mental state. I should be thinking about making the best decisions at all times and keep focusing on the game. When I get sucked out on, can't win any flips, or lose to smaller overs vs my overs, I can't let that effect me. It happens and it still bothers me here and there. I need to keep in control of myself, my body, and my mind. I'm in it for the long run and not the short run. If i'm going to rebuild confidence, it's going to be away from the table. If that means, taking a break to spend a few hours with my family, reviewing my sessions, reading a book, going for a walk, talking poker with other people, helping others with their game, etc.

I need to keep on focusing on quality and quantity. It's been getting a lot better through this downswing, but I HAVE to do it. Playing a small session just to book a win isn't in the cards for me if I want to become SNE. It's very important that I do build my bankroll by winning, but I have to still put in the volume not just for me, but to make the bonuses to support the family and pay the bills. I can't choose one way or the other way. I have to keep on grinding and play my A+++ game.

So what else can I write about to help rebuild confidence. My goals are a bit different from others. But if could help anyone out, like I wrote about earlier, play some shorter sessions. When your up, just quit and come back again if its later in the hour or the next day. It really helped to build my bankroll and win rate. When I was winning, I kept playing until I felt like I wasn't focused or when I play a a few pots, that's when quitting is best while your up. Winning one or two buy ins adds up over time. When you start to feel like you aren't focused anymore, or If you are losing a buy in or two, just quit and come back. Remember, thats balancing your shorter sessions. Another thing I would really do is go through your sessions in detail and review. When I thought I was running bad, it had a lot to do with playing bad. Find new leaks in your game will help you become a better poker player and in the end, rebuilding confidence.

August Luck is just around the corner!! Best of luck on the journey!!



  1. Hey - Props on the blog. I have been toying with the idea of SNE for 2011 as well. I have been grinding 6-10 tables of 6max 100nl and 200nl on stars for the last couple years. Still not sure if im going to go for it, but its exciting to think about anyway. I added you to my blog list and will keep an eye on your preparation for ideas - I should prob do some too.

    Another bonus to the shorter session is your session reviews will natuarally get better. I mark hands in HEM as I play, both for notes and spots I want to review. I know when I have a few rough long session there will be like 25-30 hands to go through and it will take like 30-40min. Its a part I dont really like about the game and the more hands to review the faster I skip through them and as result dont get as good review. If I have a short session with only like 10 hands to review I will do a much better job of it.


  2. Keep your Spirits Up...!! Remember, when you put the volume in next year, SNE is worth $110k in bonuses alone...!!