Friday, September 17, 2010

No Results to Zen

I've been thinking about this topic for a while, not looking at your results whether its the day, week, or month. It's no stranger to me that I have talked a little about this in my past blogs, but I really think as a poker player, you shouldn't ever be results oriented. Of course we make mistakes on the way, but at the same time, looking at our results can lead to bigger mistakes.

For example, all you live players out there, have you ever accumulated a big stack and have a pretty healthy amount of chips only to see it dwindled away when you start losing a few pots. Now i'm not sure if this is with a lot of people out there, have you ever accumulated a huge stack only to play different live? Maybe tighten up a bit, not play as many hands, play really weak/tight so you don't give your chips away. I use to be a live player, so I use to have that mentality a lot and be about results which led to me quiting sessions when I was winning and playing longer hours when I was losing.

Same goes for playing online for sure. Looking at your cashier while you are playing or looking at your holdem manager or poker tracker can almost lead you to not playing optimal. Not saying that there are people out there that can't do it, because I know a few who look at there results while they're playing and win. I think though, people who look and still win can make more money and play longer sessions. I use to look at my results while I was playing. Sometimes I would be winning and sometimes I would be losing. All those times I looked, ended up being -EV. You just have to detach yourself from the money because the money is just a number that is part of your poker bank roll. Yeah, it's cool when you are winning, but when you are losing, you feel a different feeling, something where if can really mess with yourself and your game.

That's why I have been working on not looking at my results. What I would really like to do is not look at my results the whole month. When I don't look, it really helps me put in the much needed volume for SNE. Starting to win the past few months has really decreased my volume and I know that is something that needs change. This past month, I have stopped looking at my results for at least the whole day and sometimes after a few days. Which is good because my volume is increasing again. As far as results go, they seem like they are getting a whole lot better not looking. I've been experimenting with this and noticed there are a few days I did really well and some days where they were decent none the less. When I use to put in volume though, I just keep breaking even or losing tons of money when I first started. Looking at my cashier and my hold em manager sometime during the session. It was pretty heart breaking and emotional for me. I'm not saying that I don't go through these things every now and again when I see my results, but not much if any really.

The biggest thing that I have to work with since I'm on my SNE pursuit, is that my poker bank roll has to keep building by December and I still have to put in the much needed volume to make my supernova bonuses to take care of the family. I'm also planning on moving to Florida in the next few weeks, so I'm going to really have to step up putting in more volume and mixing in more 100NL tables. No Results to Zen is what I need to make this happen for next year. If I can do this and continue to keep playing solid poker, I have a good chance for SNE.

I hope everyone is doing well at the tables!!



  1. You're trying to hit SNE on 50nl with a "mix" of 100nl? Wow. How much volume do you put in per day? That's amazing!

  2. haha, no, i'm currently preparing myself for it this year so I can be ready by next year. I'll be playing mostly 100NL and some 200NL for SNE. Right now throwing in the 100NL mix is working out pretty decent

  3. is there a way to remove your current profit/loss when you click on your own hud on hem?im also trying to get out of the habit of looking whilst playing

  4. hey dean, as far as your pop up display, i'm not sure if you can remove it completely. What you can do is in your reports, remove your money won, that way you can still analyze your stats. hope that helps and ask me whatever else. best of luck

  5. Once i didn't look at my Cashier for a whole 2 weeks and when i tried to play there was no

    Now i check every 5mins...


  6. This is something I have been working on as well. I only check my winnings/losses at the end of each day. I do a session review of all of the big hands and make sure nothing is way off in my stats.

    I think it is important not to check on you are doing during sessions because you can tilt without even knowing it.(whether you are up or down)

    For example, when you are down you might chase draws or play more hands. When you are up you might chase more draws because you can "afford to" or you might do the opposite and try to protect your winnings.

    Focus on volume, not results. Doing this will give you a huge edge over our opponents which are mostly a bunch of tilt monkeys who are very weak mentally. (as far as tilt goes)

    I recommend The Eightfold Path to Enlightenment on if you want to work on the mental side of the game.

    Shoot me a line if you want to discuss this stuff further. I am also striving to make a run at SNE someday. My email is Feel free to check out my blog as well.

  7. Great post bud. This is something I'm a victim of. I hate it but i can't help it :) Lately I've been trying to look at my results only at the end of day. Sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn't. I try to have a 5 buyins stop loss. It's hard not to look at the result because there are a few times I lost 12 buyins in a session without knowing it due to the fact that I tried not to look at the result.

    PS. If you'd like, add me on skype, my skype name is boldbet

    GL at the tables

  8. Hi GoldGanesh, just started to follow your blog, its quite interresting since I myself is thinking about chasing the SNE next year....Was just wondering how much Ronfar3 was taking for the coaching, could really need som advice now after experienced my worst month by far. Being 2500 dollars behind EV isnt helping either at NL100...
    Once again, good blog dude.

  9. Hi mate, since our chat, well typing session onf Skype the other day I've been working hard on detaching myself from the money but not looking at my stats and profit/loss etc.

    First two sessions were hard but cracked it on the third and thought I was a buy-in down but was actually 1.5 buy-ins up!

    I've found when I find I am losing then I am obviously tilted but when I am winning I play sub optimally as to not lose those winnings, even if I do not mean to do so.

    Onwards and upwards!

  10. hey kenya!! thanks for checking reading my blog, it helps with motivation playing poker. Ronfar3 charges about $285 for a 3 hour session. as far as sne, gl with it and feel free to ask me anything else.

    Hey yorkshire pud or matthew, haha.....that's awesome that it is working out for you since our conversation. continue to keep doing it and your bankroll should keep growing if you keep playing solid. talk to you soon!!


  11. hey boldbet, yeah not looking can lead to disaster, but you just have to be really confident with your game and feel comfortable that you are making the best decisions at all times. even if you losing. I still have trouble with this, but slowing getting better. but my results have been much better now than in the past. GL and hope to talk to you on skype soon

  12. hey ganesh thanks for the comment on my blog and lol at roshes comment above seems we are all making a run at SNE next year and all getting ready this year although i think i have the longest to go this year as im currently only 24 tabling 5NL will be hitting 10NL next week i have the roll for 25NL but think ill grind 10NL for a fortnight or so some people may think this way out of reach for me to got for SNE but let me know what u think plus i do grind about 8-12 hours every single day