Saturday, September 4, 2010

September to SNE next year!!!

September is here and I finally have decided that I'm going to be grinding a ton now, particularly 10k+ hands a day with a mix of 50NL and 100NL. I have to start now and get myself mentally and physically prepared for what's ahead of me next year or else I will never become SNE. I have to start now and get over my problem of not putting in enough volume, not looking at my results weather I'm winning or losing, and just grind. I'm never going to make it happen if I don't start now. Minimum 10k a day, 5 days a week, with a 6 day option to grind a few more thousand hands is my goal now till the end of the year.

As far as working on my game, I have my coach that is helping me on a weekly basis, and I have another coach that is pretty well know at the stakes I'm playing at which I start Tuesday with him and I'm really excited. I also been working with my B and he's helping me with a bunch of the math behind the math in poker and 3betting and 4betting which is pretty sweet if I can understand it. Also, I have quite a few people messaging me on skype about helping there game and doing my best to give them all the knowledge that I have gained the past year. As far as success goes, I've been doing a lot better from when I first started, so I'm going to help out as much as I can to everyone out there that wants my help. It's just tough grinding 10K hands, working part time, and spending some quality time with my family. So I'll do my best to anyone that has skyped me over the past 2 weeks.

If I can keep my goals up, I will be able to attain two more milestone bonuses while accumulating the $1500 supernova bonus twice in the month as well or at least be really close if I keep mixing both limits.

So goal recap:
Minimum 10K a day
Grind 5 days with a 6 day option
Continue to work on my game and study all the regs that are giving me trouble

Anyways, feel free to message me anytime hit me up...I always love feedback and support

Best of luck on the journey!!



  1. Just a thought, but if you are grinding so much it must be worth going for the $4,ooo Bonus instead of 2x $1,500 bonuses b/c u lose $250 if u do that?

    The only reason i go for the $1,500 is b/c my volume is low.

  2. oh hey rosh, yeah i was going to do that, but atm, its tough for me to do bc I have bills that need to be paid for monthly and I don't really have too much saved to wait for the 4k bonus since once I purchase the 4k, it will take another 2-3 weeks to get and then another 3-5 days to receive. But hopefully I can do that soon