Monday, February 28, 2011

February Recap, No hands last day of month

So I decided today that I want to end my month on a decent note. So, I'm not going to play a single hand of poker today. Haven't had a winning month like this since my downswing back in September. As for this year, slowly working on my game as we speak. Things have been slowly improving, adjusting to the game a lot better than I have, making changes to my game, and finding all the little leaks that I never noticed before.

Now implementing them to fix them is the tough part because players, games, etc keep adjusting and we continually run into different dynamics and situations in every hand. But as long as I keep that in the back of my mind, than I as a poker player will hopefully get better and moving up we be a lot easier. I'm not going to be truly happy with my game until I can crush the games at my limit. So i'll be at the the 50nl for a while until I can prove to myself that I can beat it.

Best of Luck to you all!!


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