Sunday, August 14, 2011

Whoa!! It's been a long time

Hey everyone!! It's been quite sometime since I last posted in my blog. I've kept up on a few emails from some of the people who check my blog out, but other than that, I've been quite busy and away from my laptop. Ever since I left for vacation back in the beginning of July till about the 20th, I've since heading down to other places to play live poker. So it's been nothing but a grind putting in hours, living and breathing poker in the poker rooms, wake up, eat and do the same thing. Did that for about 10 days and continuing the grind back home. I have to say, if you don't have a life bankroll away from your poker bankroll for people like me who do it for a living, it can severely hurt you both money wise and mentally. When I went on vacation for the 20 days I was gone, that's a big hit to your poker bankroll when you are not playing, so expenses just keep coming in and that has been something I had to deal with the past few weeks since I've been back. Also, putting in those long hours trying to play catch up can hurt you while at the poker tables sometimes. Always trying to make sure I am providing for my family is my main goal. I've recently decided that maybe picking up a small part time job, maybe waiting tables will be a good thing for me since every month we're basically not able to save much money since I played live post black Friday and my wife has to take care of the babies. We will see how things go, i'm hoping I don't have to, but honestly saving money is important both for my poker bankroll and life money.

2/5NL has still be treating me pretty well and i'm still making decent money but like I said, I feel it isn't enough for one income. I've finally had a few rough patches of 2/5 over the past 2 months now going a 2-3k swings at times, but somehow managed to get back on track. I cannot believe how mentally draining live poker can be and how much the money matters at times when I am up at the tables. I hate being in that mindset of when I'm up, I want to quit because money is always an issue when it comes down to what I need to make every month. I've been working very hard on this over the 2 months now and it is slowly getting better. I've been reading quite a few books, watching videos, and listening to audios on working on my mental game. I highly recommend reading and listening to people like Tommy Angelo and Jared Tendler. Also watching a video series called shuffle and flow from the Deuces Cracked Website which I found very helpful. You all know about fish and bad players right? Well I have to say the I am a mental fish, yes a mental fish when it comes to live poker and most of us are in some way which some don't even know or think of. I am one of those, but I am getting better at it. I have been putting in a lot more longer sessions over the months even when I'm up. Some days, I will put in multiple sessions in the day when I'm up or down. Doesn't matter because we are poker players and the more we play, the more money we make. Even when I am on my B or C game, I always fight through it and work on my A+ game. Even when I take a huge beat, or long as i'm still playing optimally, I will not quit the game or take a 30 minute break. These are the things I deal with on a daily basis at the tables, some days are good, some days...well I am still mental fishing.

I am continuing to work on my game even though I haven't had much time to be on the computer talking to my other poker friends online or posting on the forums. I still am reading books, watching videos on Live Poker, talking to other live grinders like myself, at trying new things. I've been slowing finding new leaks in my game where I'm not adjusting well enough dependent on game conditions.

Life is going well. Vacation was great and wife and babies are great. Sofie and Ally will be turning 2 in a few weeks, how time goes by so fast. We are still planning on moving somewhere in the Tampa Area to be closer to the casino once our lease is up.

Well, I hope everyone is doing well. I still miss playing online, but live poker is alive and well, and still lots of money to be made!! Until then



  1. Nice one Jeff nice to hear your still grinding. Some of the Americans still seem to be playing on the Merge poker network, cant you do that as opposed to getting a job waiting tables or as a break from live poker?

  2. Hey rossi, I have been giving some thought about playing online again, but I'm just kinda wait it out until everything becomes more legal here and not worry about it i'm going to get my money when I cash out.

  3. You are a true grinder...!! Props to u. I have started to play more live just for a change of scenery but i could never do it full time.

    I think getting a job part time could be a brilliant idea not just for the extra money but for a change in routine. It could actually help ur grind too as your mind can switch off from poker thoughts while u work then when u grind u might be more focused in the pokerz.


  4. good to here your doing ok jeff my prediction is americans will be back online before the new year stay positive talk soon.

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  6. Hi Jeff i'm a longtime follower of your blog, just want to wish you well in your poker career. I think it's great how you're able to stay positive despite losing your online poker job, and have the flexibility to adapt by playing live. All the best to you and your family!