Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Almost 27K hands this month

So, I told myself this month I'm gonna try and put in some heavy heavy volume and quality play as well. I think I've managed to do so pretty well. I hadn't looked at my results until yesterday, but only because it was accidental and was looking through my reports and I guess it shows how much i'm down or up at the bottom. Well I looked and I guess I was running well my first couple days up like 10 Buy Ins but the last day I played I guess I lost close to 8 buy ins. That day I had put in heavy volume and lost pretty much like 6 buy ins with KK and AA. 3 hands were KK vs AA, and the other KK hand was a rough beat against 77 post flop on a 653r board and villain minraised by cb and I shoved, he called and hit a 4 on the river for the straight. My AA hand ran into a set Blind vs. Blind. And I forget the other. I guess that's poker.

I guess that's OK number of hands put in, but I really wanted to get about 10-11K hands a day in and the first week of April has come to an end. I really like the mix between 6max and full ring. Sometimes I fill like when I'm playing Full Ring, every is just so damn nitty and just waiting around for the nuts and it ends up that I start playing nitty as well I hate it. Well I still have 3 weeks left. My goal was to achieve around 40K vpp on stars for april and i'm about at 5600vpp thus far. So I got a long long way to go but I still want to put in quality hands in. I pretty excited about my first milestone bonus coming up for $1000 bucks, cash that out and put in the bank!!! Yeah

Keep up the grind and good luck on the journey!!!!


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