Thursday, July 22, 2010

Quality n Quantity

There's a thing to be said about Quality and Quantity. I'm sure there's a bunch of mixed feelings and some would say its much better to put in quality, and very few would say quantity. The thing about this is, I need to be able to take the best of both worlds. At least over the next year and a half. Over the first 4 months of grinding, I never had a problem with putting in the volume. That's where it led to being breaking even over those months. So one of the months, I put in shorter sessions, and I started winning, but I didn't put in the volume nearly as much. I look back at it from the beginning over those rough months and know now that I wasn't good enough. I still might not be good enough, but I've been working on my game since then, improving, making better decisions, understanding concepts a lot better.

I remember 24 tabling Full Ring or 16 Tabling 6max and handful of my long sessions led to disaster. Usually ending up in -10-14 buy-in downswing. If anyone reads this, please don't let this happen to you. I want to say, don't try this at home. I use to think I was just running bad, but in reality just playing bad overall. Mixing those two together can really lead to a train wreck. Now I think I'm getting a little bit better with my long sessions. I've noticed that even when I'm running bad, I'm still not down two much in my epic sessions and manage to book a few +bi's for the session.

This leads me back to the topic at hand. I've had trouble with putting in quantity when I'm playing well and winning. I try and not look at my results of my session when I feel I'm running good and playing well, but I do sometimes. I end up quitting my session and take an extended break (1-2 hours) and fire another session and repeat if it goes well and quit. My volume I should be putting in usually gets cut in half if not more for the day. I have always had this problem and trying to fix this leak. This month has probably been the best so far when I'm winning, but I still am having this problem. I need to fix it and overcome it if I want to be SNE. I have to keep telling myself to not be results oriented, not look at my cashier, and just play my A+++ game over an 6-8 hour day. I see people like Nanonoko and Leatherass. These guys are beast when it comes to putting in volume and quality. They don't play 1 hour sessions and quit, they keep playing and playing. They still do till this day and I give them much respect for doing so.

Putting in volume is really tough when you seem to lose or break even. I think I am overcoming this monument slowly but surely. The past 3 months have been so much better than before. I have worked on my game, talked to people, watched a few training site videos, worked on my mental game, and breathing poker. I have a few people who I try and help with there game as well since I've started to understand the game a lot more. Time to start working!!!!

Keep the dream alive,