Wednesday, July 21, 2010


I've been thinking a lot about what I have to do to prepare myself for SNE the past week and realized that it's gonna take a lot of work. I mean a lot!!!

Not only do I have to grind a ton of hands, a ton of tables, and a ton of hours...I have to get ready for a roller coaster of a ride that's going to come along with this.

Since starting to play professionally of January,2010, I've had so much stress and success doing it. But it wasn't the kind of success I had hoped for. I basically broke even the first 4 months of playing, had one winning month, another break even month, and till now where I had an ok month so far. So the progress is improving. So how am I even playing professionally you ask I broke even over those 5 months? I'm not proud of it by no means, but I use the pokerstars supernova bonuses, milestones, stellar rewards, and whatever promotional money they offer to survive. It isn't the worse thing in the world because I'm able to take care of my wife, two babies, and pay the bills. So that alone keeps me motivated to keep on playing.

So the next thing I have to ask myself is why am I playing? Well, you need some motivation and reasons behind doing it. Some have different reasons, but mine is because as I had said before. I'm doing this for my family. That's the first and foremost reason for doing this. I want to be able to take care of them in all ways possible and provide for them. Buy a house one day, take a nice vacation, buy them whatever they want. But the biggest reason I'm doing this for my family is because I want to be able to spend all the TIME in the world with them. If I can put in the work now, I might have that chance to. The second reason is I'm doing it for me. It's something I want to accomplish for myself. This is where success comes in. I feel like I haven't been to successful since I started. I put a lot of effort, time, and commitment into this. The thing about what I do is, I really enjoy playing a ton of tables and a ton of hands. I don't mind 24 tabling Full Ring NL or 16-18 tabling 6max NL. I've always done it since I first started playing online poker and it's something I want to really master which I'm still doing to this day. Most might achieve success playing less tables, but that has never been my game and I'm not going to start any time soon, unless I play the nosebleeds one day.

Which brings me to now. What am I going to do to prepare for the long road ahead of me next year. I have a lot of obstacles to hurdle. The biggest one is I have to win on a consistent basis this year. I have to be able to have a 20K-25K bankroll by the end of this year in winnings. Like I said, I don't use any of the money I receive from pokerstars to add to my bankroll, so that isn't even an option. I might be able to use one of the milestones I recieve to add to my bankroll if I can get to 400K vpp by the end of this year, but we'll have to see if we really need it.

I'm gonna keep on grinding at 50NL for the next few months and see how I do. If I can have a few winning months, I think I might be able to start playing 100NL again. So my goal as of now is to play minimum of 125k-175k hands the next 2 months. I going to grind 6-8 hours a day 24 tabling 50NL. In between that, I'm going to study, review my sessions, go over some hands, check out the poker forums, talk poker, do some live sweats, and help my friend to become SNE as well. If I can help someone else be successful, then I might be doing something right and help with my confidence in my own game.

With that being said, this is my journey, and I'm ready to go to war. If anyone wants to follow my blog, give me any support, advice, or anything, that would be amazing!!!!

Best of luck to everyone!!!



  1. Beast Hard work is key... One day we'll be like dang we sucked back then lmao