Friday, August 27, 2010

The 50NL n 100NL mix/knockdown

So I finally decided to put in some epic sessions (12000 hands) of 100NL and 50NL to get a feel of the long grinds ahead of me. Well, it was a pretty brutal knockout in the face for me. I got crushed at both stakes. Most of it being at 100NL.

I just couldn't seem to get anything working for me and the regs at 100NL seem to fight a lot more for pots and make some more creative plays than at 50NL.

I lost all at 100NL...2 times AA vs KK, 2 times KK vs AA, won 1 out of 4 flips. Dominated running into big hands like TT vs AA and QQ vs AA, and getting outfloped in a 4b pot when they hit a set against my KK or AA which happened twice as well post flop.

Add all those up at 100NL and it just wasn't good. 50NL wasn't good for me either and lost a good chunk there as well. The only thing I can say is when I got back from Florida and put in my 10K hands the first few days, I did extremely well and basically lost what I won this week.

I have to really step up my game, pick more spots to fight for pots, get a little more creative but not fancy play syndrome for 100NL and at 50NL don't get to crazy. It seems like the regs at 100NL get it in a lot more lighter both preflop and post flop. But then again, I could be wrong, most definately player dependent for sure. I just have to learn from my mistakes, study the regs a lot more, and really....I mean really work on my game at the 100NL.

Hope I take down the poker stars saturday 100K tourney!!!

Until then, best of luck on the journey!!


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