Monday, August 23, 2010

Away From The Tables

Last week, me and my wife decided to head to Florida to check it out because we are planning to move there. So we left for a week and basically was going to be a mini vacation/seeing if we like Florida. So during that time, I was going to put some time and volume playing poker still. My plan was to put in 25k-30k hands in considering I was going to loss some time playing driving to Florida and driving back to New York, roughly 3 days without grinding. So I had a good 5 days in Florida to wake up early every day and grind and still have time to do things.

Truth be told, I just had problems after problems trying to play. My computer was running like crap, the big thing was the internet wasn't super good, and I couldn't seem to get the time in when I finally got everything working again. I played the 1st day I got to the room and I was timing out every 5 minutes, spewed of a bit, and only managed to get a total of 5500 hands in for Florida. Really hard to play when the internet is not good. And one of those days, the internet didn't work at all because the hotel made some changes to the internet like needing a password which they didn't have.

So, I had to make due and decided just to clean up my laptop, do some studying away from the tables, check out some of the forums, and look for a coach to help me with 100NL. I found 3 coaches that I really wanted to work with and all really solid winners. I decided to stick with one coach and talked to him while in Florida and was really excited on his thoughts and things he can really help me with. I also had a chance to talk to another coach while there. I told my friend about him and he basically got coaching from him that same night I told him about him. I got a chance to listen in and talk during the conversation which was awesome. So I learned quite a bit of stuff and had a really nice conversation with my buddy about 3betting and ev calculations against certain opponents.

What I'm really trying to get at I guess is even when you are away from the tables, there is still a lot of stuff to do with poker and working on your game. Heck, i'm trying to work on SNE, so I have to keep on grinding away from the tables.

So, I am back from Florida now with a game plan. I've also been throwing in a mix off 100NL with my 50NL tables to get a good feel for the new limit. I have a coach and we start our first session tomorrow. Now I just have to make up for lost volume!

Best of Luck at the tables