Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Update

I haven't had a chance to update to much of my blog lately. I think between taking care of my babies, hanging with the wife, studying, doing HH reviews with others, and getting coaching weekly...oh and I forgot to mention playing poker has not so much not giving me enough time in the day, but just so many things I want to do that there is just not enough time in the day. I would have to say, maybe working on time management more would be useful. I know some poker players out there that can live and breath poker and are truly dedicated, and you can see the results show.

As for poker, things have been, like always, a rocky mountain. I've really been working on my game and kinda like I said in my earlier blog, that I am redefining my game. Whatever I was doing to win at poker last year at 50nl for a few months was kinda irrelevant for 100nl and I so so want to play 100nl regularly. I think that once I become better with my post flop edge, things will start falling into place. I have definately opened my game up compared to the past. Picking good spots to get into pots, well at least I think they are. Working really hard on 3b pots and playing out of the blinds is something I have been doing all this year. My results thus far have not really showed much, but I'm learning a lot more than I ever have in the past. Talking to like minded poker players, getting different aspects, opinions, and views with them. Really helps keep the grind on my mind.

One thing I have to say, since pokerstars has taken out the 20-50bb tables, that the games for at least 50nl have been so much better. Some have said that the 100nl games are really good as well, so i'm licking my chops just thinking about it. So table selection has been a lot easier these days since their are more bad players coming into the game. Own the fish and own the regs....easy game right?

Outside of poker, things are going well. My babies are almost 18 months now and they are just incredible. My wife hates her job and I so want to be able to provide more so she doesn't have to work, that's why I think 100nl is just one big step away from that. The fpp rewards are far better and the winnings seem more significant.

Well gotta get back to the grind, change diapers, and make some chedda!! Gl on the journey!!


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  1. Good to c u working hard at your game. I am doing the same. GL