Monday, February 21, 2011

Dynamic Full Ring and contest Winner!!!

So I posted a review a few weeks ago about James "Splitsuit" Sweeney's new book: Dyanamic Full Ring that I purchased last month from Anyways, he was running a contest for his new product the 6 figure NL system: crushing NL Holdem in 2011. I'm pretty pleased about all the products daily variance puts out, so when this was coming out, I really wanted to get the chance to win. So so exciting and have something to keep my brain working along with my full ring work. Anyways here is my review:

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By socialscenepr at 2011-02-21

By goldganesh
This book is not another poker book, it is specifically designed to get you thinking about full ring poker. No other book is like it out there on the market. Not only will it get you on the right track about poker in general, it will get you on the right path to thinking, being creative, playing optimal, and taking standard/non standard lines to use in your arsenal. This book is outlined and enriched full on examples, pictures, ranges, and concepts that are easy to understand and read.
This book covers almost every concept you can think of from pf play all the way down to river play, 3bet and 4bet pots, raising and check raising, opponent types, how to play big hands, how to play AK, playing in positiion and out of position, isolating, playing limped pots, bet sizing, adjusting,etc. This book also helps you correlate with how to use your statistics for poker tracker 3 or holdem manager.
This book is like a years worth of coaching combined in one book. So much value. Never in this book will you get how to do a certain thing, this book is going to help you think beyond the norm.
Nothing is held back in this book. If you are beginning, transitioning from HU play, or 6max no limit, you will find that dynamic full ring poker will satisfy your taste buds to playing full ring at its best and get you on the right track to success!

That's about it, so far things look as though are picking up and my game is getting a lot better and actually have results showing for it this month. I hope I can keep it up!!!

Best of luck on the journey!!


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